Air Care Conjoint Study

Business challenge

A global FMCG manufacturer developed an environmentally friendly range of air care products which replaces the traditional aerosol spray with a pump spray. Our client wanted to understand how best to approach launching the new range, including: how many of the new products to launch and which products in their current range they should de-list, which fragrances to launch and what consumer perceptions of the new range are.

What we did

We conducted an online quantitative survey with 1000 auto spray users, users of other air care product users and considerers of air care products. The survey included a conjoint exercise and concept test, which measured the performance of the new range versus products currently on the market against a series of KPI’s.


The conjoint results were used to create a simulator tool which allowed the impact of launching the new range on sales, which allowed the various scenarios to be easily observed. The results were calibrated against actual market data to reflect real sales in the category, giving the client an accurate picture of how best to launch their now products. We also conducted a TURF analysis which identified the optimum number of products the client should launch and which fragrances they should be to prevent cannibalisation. Finally, the concept test revealed that the new range does appeal to consumers and that there is intention to purchase it when it is launched which provided reassurance to the client and validated results from the conjoint.