Sustainability, building a low-carbon future and other aspects of corporate social responsibility are key areas now for almost every organisation, whether public or private sector.

Most of our research now has a strong sustainability element, giving us expertise that benefits all our clients.

Sustainability Ranking 2023

Our GREAT GREEN SUSTAINABILITY STUDY explores what consumers are doing about being eco-friendly, and what they think about some well-known brands' sustainability activities.

As part of Impact’s Great Green Sustainability Study we look at consumers’ perceptions of 120 different brands and retailers with regards to sustainability, and calculate a sustainability score. This allows us to track changes in perceptions over time, demonstrating how consumers respond to sustainability initiatives, publicity, product changes, etc.

Impact's Sustainability Study Wave 7 (2022)

Further insights we offer as part of our Great Green Sustainability Study include:

  • Segmentation created by our own in-house Advanced Analytics team which groups consumers based on their environmental attitudes and behaviours.
  • How influential different aspects of sustainability are when it comes to deciding which product to buy, compared to other attributes such as quality of product and price.
  • Influence of different institutions on perceptions of climate and the environment.


Get in touch to find out more about the Great Green Sustainability Study and how we can help you with your sustainability challenges.

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What our sustainability clients say

Our ongoing involvement with Impact’s sustainability study has been really valuable for us. The team have been great at tailoring insight to our areas of interest, giving us the information we need to inform our strategy. A pleasure to work with.
Jocelyn Thurlow
Senior Marketing Planning & Research Manager,

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