Sustainability, building a low-carbon future and other aspects of corporate social responsibility are key areas now for almost every organisation, whether public or private sector.

Most of our research now has a strong sustainability element, giving us expertise that benefits all our clients.


Our GREAT GREEN SUSTAINABILITY STUDY explores what consumers are doing about being eco-friendly, and what they think about some well-known brands' corporate responsibility activities.

As part of the data analysis for the GREAT GREEN SUSTAINABILITY STUDY, our Advanced Analytics team have identified four segments with distinct environmental attitudes and behaviours, and the factors that will encourage each group to do more to reduce their carbon emissions.

Further insights and analysis include:

  • How the segments varied in size by buyers of different products.
  • Perceptions of how environmentally friendly different brands are (by the segments).
  • How influential environmental aspects are when it comes to deciding on which product to buy compared to other attributes such as quality of product and price.

We’ve also created a segmentation algorithm that can easily be applied to future studies.

Get in touch to find out more about the Great Green Sustainability Study and how our LIFE segmentation can help you with your environmental behaviours challenges.

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