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Utilities Consultancy

Why use our service?

With each new price control period, regulated utilities are under ever-increasing pressure to be more efficient and to pare back their headcount.

For many organisations, an effective solution to this challenge is to supplement a lean in-house team with flexible, expert resource as needed.

How we support you

Our consultancy service provides interim and project support, tailored to your needs.

We can smooth resourcing gaps at pinch points caused by increased periods of activity, such as regulatory business planning, staff turnover or long-term absence.

We can also fill in-house knowledge or skill gaps supporting with strategic planning and delivery with a focus around engagement, consumer vulnerability, social responsibility, sustainability, future planning, stakeholder reporting and insight.

Key benefits

  • Increase resource at short notice without lengthy recruitment
  • Cost-efficient resource levels – dial up or down as needed
  • Tailored solutions not a repackaged version of previous work, but drawing on our wider experience and best practice from across sectors
  • Business continuity at times of pressure – reliance on a team not individuals
  • External assessment and solutions with an internal understanding of issues.

Our Utilities Consultancy team has a strong track record in strategic and delivery roles within DNOs, GDNs and water companies.


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Example services

Insight reportingWe triangulate stakeholder feedback across multiple engagement and data sources to provide tailored insights with actionable recommendations across key business plan areas and issues. These easily digestible reports can be produced at regular intervals to support business planning and reporting. This maximises the value of all engagement and improves outcomes throughout the business.
Engagement deliveryWe can help you to develop colleagues' capacity and capability in engagement delivery through core skills training and development of toolkits aligned to internal processes and reporting. We can also work directly with business units to design and deliver engagement plans. Recent delivery examples include the development and roll out of weighting methodology.
Net zero knowledgePresentation of the basics of net zero and customer needs/attitudes that have been identified through existing research, and what net zero means for different parts of the business alongside business leads to support Q&A.
Strengthening customer voice in business planning and reportingWe can deliver a full-service (regulatory and stakeholder) reporting programme that's grounded in insight. This will build on the best of regulatory approaches to engagement, triangulation, business planning and reporting. The customer voice will be reflected in key publications like SLC50, environment, innovation and other RIIO-ED2 requirements from insight through to drafting and design.
Net zero customer journeysEngagement to understand drivers, barriers and behaviour change across different customer groups, services and technologies.
Strengthening customer voice in innovationDesigning and delivering a full-service strategic engagement and research programme which supports delivery of a RIIO-2 innovation portfolio.

Selected case studies

Weighting Conflicting Stakeholder Insight20220509215805
Comparing the Carbon Impact of Different Engagement Methods20220509213827
Ensuring Nobody is Left Behind in the Energy Transition20220509210837

Meet the Utilities Consultancy team

Dr David Pearmain20200723145842

Dr David Pearmain

Director of Advanced Methods
Chris Ralph20200727083100

Chris Ralph

Research Director, Head of Utilities
Steve Morley20200727091024

Steve Morley

Associate Director
Sharon Roper20220510113606

Sharon Roper

Lead Utilities Consultant
Guto Hunkin20230630150636

Guto Hunkin

Associate Director