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Achieving Net Zero

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Nearly 70% of the UK’s Local Authorities have already declared a climate emergency and they all know they have a huge part to play in delivering the Government’s target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 and 2045 in Scotland.

The challenge

Focusing on these three KEY action areas will help Local Authorities achieve their carbon emissions reduction targets:

loft insulation

Insulation and energy efficiency
Reducing energy usage – and bills – by installing insulation and making other energy efficiency improvements


Cars, vans, buses and bin lorries will be electric or hydrogen-fueled within 10 years

PV panels in field

Locally connect renewables such as heat pumps and solar panels on schools and business premises

All this will require significant behaviour change from residents and businesses so it’s vital to engage with them in an effective manner.

Early action will improve the chances of success. The sooner LAs can understand people’s and companies’ attitudes and needs, the faster they can implement their plans and successfully achieve Net Zero.

Our solution

We’re uniquely positioned to help Local Authorities create and implement sustainability strategies because we understand the drivers of behaviour and how to facilitate behaviour change.

Current behaviours
Exploring carbon awareness and use, and barriers to carbon reduction strategies

Integrating scientific data and drafting behaviour change messages with communications experts to overcome the barriers identified

Effectiveness of potential messages

A phased roll-out of 4-5 key messages per sector

Monitoring the effectiveness, awareness and level of uptake

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Case study: Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Our current work includes a collaborative project with the Tyndall Centre and Electricity North West to advise Greater Manchester Combined Authority on how to support local SME businesses in reducing their carbon emissions.

  • We spoke to 75 businesses, conducted five expert interviews and hosted two deliberative, citizen jury-type events.
  • The Tyndall Centre calculated the carbon reduction impact of the different approaches identified.
  • The core messages per industry sector were identified and a phased roll out of these has begun.
  • We are tracking effectiveness in terms of behaviour change and reduction in emissions.

“Impact provided truly valuable understanding on the attitude and ability of the businesses in our region to reduce their carbon emissions, and the measures that would be most readily adopted.”

Peter Emery, CEO Electricity North West

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