Our Consumer team specialises in product and brand research for food and drink, retail, homecare, smart home tech, e-cigs, personal care, consumer healthcare, and new and emerging technologies.

Concept testing
Product testing
Portfolio management
Range optimisation
Usage and attitude
Brand comms

Selected case studies

Product Test20210818153833
Air Care Conjoint Study20210802101021
Soft Drinks Usage & Attitudes in Africa20210729113614

Why work with us?

Advanced analyticsWe love helping you to get under the skin of the customer by analysing and shaping data to uncover engaging stories within the context of your specific category. Techniques we use frequently include:

  • Conjoint and MaxDiff
  • CHAID decision trees
  • Segmentation
  • Brand driver analysis.

Behavioural economicsWe get closer to your customers by taking a holistic approach to consumer decision making that takes account of the non-conscious as well as the conscious. This incorporates the context, 'heuristics' (shortcuts people take when making decisions), and reflective or 'System 2' decisions which are important in securing sustained behaviour change.
Agility and speedAgile market research uses short cycles incorporating rapid feedback to deliver emerging solutions. It involves:

  • Responding to change rather than following a plan
  • Rapid iterations over long projects
  • Numerous small experiments over few large studies
  • Cross functional collaboration rather than silos and hierarchy.

Some of our clients

What our Consumer clients say

We have worked with Impact on a long term sustainability project and have been particularly impressed with how they go above and beyond the brief in terms of ensuring they have the broadest understanding of our topic and are up to speed on legislation and business challenges that go beyond the consumer conversations they are researching. The team are always friendly and helpful – a pleasure to work with.
Coca-Cola European Partners
Thanks very much for the project completion – it has been really useful and vital to what we have been trying to do.
Shinyoung Lyu, Global Innovation Director for eCommerce
Reckitt Benckiser
Excellent research agency that I trust to deliver the best research for my needs.
Jennifer Roberts, Marketing Consultant
Nature's Way Foods

Meet the Consumer team

Darryl Swift20200722164423
Dr David Pearmain20200723145842

Dr David Pearmain

Director of Advanced Methods
Tom Gould20200727082631

Tom Gould

Director, Consumer and Services Divisions
Monika Swift20200727082934

Monika Swift

Associate Director
Steve Whennell20200727085354

Steve Whennell

Associate Director of Advanced Methods
Purav Parmar20200727093443

Purav Parmar

Senior Research Executive
Francesca Walker20200727093816

Francesca Walker

Research Executive

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