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Case Studies

Online shopping in Pakistan20230125112323
Perceptions of a bread brand20230125110516
In the moment app testing20230125105349
Product Test20210818153833
Air Care Conjoint Study20210802101021
Soft Drinks Usage and Attitudes in Africa20210729113614
Segmentation and Product Optimisation20200929155650
Product Testing in the Soft Drinks Industry20200929153423
Cheap or High End? Choosing the Optimum Category Position20200929151842
Is it Viable? Food Concept Research20200929150301
Using Our Loaf! Identifying the Health Benefits to Drive NPD20200929144127
Understanding Online Shoppers20200929133938
Reducing SME Carbon Emissions20200812123019
Creating a Customer-focused RIIO-2 Business Plan with NGN20200812135445
PR19 ‘Willingness to Pay’ Innovation20200812142506
Understanding Consumers’ Decarbonisation Attitudes and Behaviour20200812144841
What Do Consumers Think About Future Energy Models?20200812150016
Tailoring Customer Contact Journeys20200812152622
Electric Nation: Understanding EV Charging Behaviours20200812160231
Understanding Why Energy Customers Switched20200819090036
Measuring the Value of Lost Load (VoLL)20200819093859
Changing Customers’ Peak Usage Behaviour20200819110048
Northern Powergrid’s Partnership Network20231024155914
Environmental Volunteering20230214104714
Technical literature in the insulation industry20230210160238
Profiling of tourism20230125124446
Conjoint research in the building insulation industry20230125123838
Village placemaking research20230125121954
Increasing the uptake of active travel20230125121100
Energy transition in new builds20230125115212
ERP Pricing Research20210729151045
ERP Customer Journey20210729124627
Events Pricing20210729115355
Holiday Service Optimisation20200818130507
Reviving Attendance at an Awards Ceremony20200804161747
Northern Powergrid’s Partnership Network20231024155914
Environmental Volunteering20230214104714
Sustainability for a quick service restaurant20230206121349
Sustainability for a toilet paper & tissue brand20230206121108
Sustainability for a food-to-go retailer20230206114647
Sustainability for a cereal brand20230206114304
Sustainability for a fashion retailer20230206112440
Sustainability for a homeware & furniture retailer20230206111025
Energy transition in new builds20230125115212