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What We Do

Impact is a full-service, qualitative and quantative market research consultancy which means that the solution we customise for you won’t be constrained by any service limitations.

Product and pricing strategyWe use a suite of techniques that forecast market changes to help you identify your optimal product portfolio or pricing and promotion strategy.

These inlude triangulating primary survey results with sales data to leverage insight.

SegmentationOur actionable, strategic segmentations will enable you to tailor your brands, products, pricing and communication.

Our in-house creative team brings segments to life, ensuring they are embedded within your organisation to drive business growth.

Behavioural economicsWe apply psychological insight into human behaviour to help drive behaviour change and understand conscious and unconscious decision making.
ConsultancyOur involvement in helping you achieve your objectives goes beyond research. We collaborate with our clients to create engagement strategies, to synthesise cross-project findings, and to lead activation workshops to turn insight into influence.

Advanced analytics

All of the quant elements of our work are supported with statistical methods by our in-house Advanced Analytics team who are are industry experts in research design and analysis.

Sustainability focus

Most of our research now also has a strong sustainability element, giving us expertise that benefits all our clients.

We also have a specialist service to help Local Authorities, Government and regulatory organisations achieve their Net Zero carbon targets.