Darryl Swift


Darryl Swift20200722164423
Dr David Pearmain20200723145842

Dr David Pearmain

Director of Advanced Methods
Tom Gould20200727082631

Tom Gould

Director, Consumer and Services Divisions
Monika Swift20200727082934

Monika Swift

Research Director
Chris Ralph20200727083100

Chris Ralph

Research Director, Head of Utilities
Sharon Roper20220510113606

Sharon Roper

Lead Utilities Consultant
Steve Whennell20200727085354

Steve Whennell

Associate Director of Advanced Methods
Beth Wilson20200727090546

Beth Wilson

Research Director
Steve Morley20200727091024

Steve Morley

Associate Director
Olivia Brickman20201104164529

Olivia Brickman

Head of Behavioural Science
Sophie Cook20200727093721

Sophie Cook

Senior Research Executive
Francesca Walker20200727093816

Francesca Walker

Research Executive
Faye Sheldon20211220094123

Faye Sheldon

Graduate Research Executive
Bethan Surtees20211220093154

Bethan Surtees

Graduate Research Executive
Nicola Orr20210418092622

Nicola Orr

HR Manager