Conjoint research in the building insulation industry

Business challenge

Our client was developing new versions of their premium insulation boards and they wanted to find out:

  • What areas can be improved in addition to fire performance.
  • Are there different priorities by markets or sectors.
  • And how much consumers would be willing to pay for different features.

What we did

We conducted an online survey in different markets (including Great Britain, Ireland & Netherlands) to explore:

  • Category understanding – awareness & usage of different insulation brands
  • Conjoint exercise – to measure interest and willingness to pay for different features
  • Measured importance of the different features
  • And overall perceptions of their brand


This research provided our client with an insight into the value architects place on different features of insulation, and ultimately what the best combination of features would be. It provided them with a prioritisation of which features to focus on developing further, and also an indication into what the upcoming trends were.