Energy transition in new builds

Business challenge

With the governments 2025 ban of gas boilers in new builds fast approaching, our client (a new builds developer) wanted to understand if home buyers want new builds with alternative low carbon heating technologies now, or can they wait until 2025 to start implementing.

What we did

We conducted a multi-stage approach consisting of:

  1. Literature review with house builder websites, estate agents, banks, energy providers etc. to understand where they are at with the energy transition and what they are communicating.
  2. x4 focus groups and x8 paired depth interviews speaking to people at different stages of buying a new build house and different house buyer types.
  3. Online quantitative survey with n=1,017 buyers, to explore awareness of the transition, familiarly & interest in different energy efficiency options, and understanding of what house developers should do.


Through conducting this research it has allowed our client to start putting a strategy in place for the roll out of LCT in new builds, including how to communicate to certain groups of home buyers and the types of information they will be looking for.