Ensuring Nobody is Left Behind in the Energy Transition

Business challenge

Ensuring that ‘nobody is left behind’ in the energy transition is an important focus for all DNOs throughout RIIO-ED2 and beyond as new services are developed and delivered.

Whilst multiple frameworks and customer research projects exist, no single organisation seems to be delivering their customer research systematically. This means that currently research findings are scattered and any shared knowledge is ad hoc.

So, Northern Powergrid asked us for an overview of published research to help them identify where current and future service developments need to be focused. They also wanted an investigation into the options available for customers as a whole, to provide a more meaningful outcome from any research delivered.

What we did

Impact conducted a literature review to identity, record and analyse existing information from a broad range of sources. Alongside Northern Powergrid’s own published documents, the analysis included research and white papers from RIIO ED2 business plans, innovation projects, SECV submissions, other research organisations, and industry specialists such as Citizens Advice.

The analysis was framed through two different lenses:

By new energy systems, DSO, and decarbonisation services (including flexibility, Electric Vehicles, in-home low carbon technology, energy efficiency measures and energy storage).
By customer group (including those in vulnerable situations and those who traditionally hard to reach).

A total of 39 published documents were reviewed as the basis for a report which summarised the best practice, actions, and recommendations from the Nobody Left Behind literature review.


Northern Powergrid has a roadmap of practical recommendations to ensure nobody is left behind.