ERP Pricing Research

Business challenge

A major accountancy software company wanted to conduct research for their recently created ERP super division to guide its pricing structure and R&D of their ERP offering, focusing on 3 different paths, including F&A, MRP & W&D solutions.

What we did

We conducted an online quantitative survey, collecting 172 completes for each path to understand satisfaction with their current solution. As well as using PSM and Turf analysis exercise to understand to all price points on features to create the optimal package that has the broadest reach within the different paths and target market. We also combined the take up responses with the standard PSM outputs to produce an Excel tool that will estimate the likely take up and revenue for each module tested and key subgroups within.


The research identified the optimum features as well as the best price point in a package. It has allowed our client to focus on the most appealing features to develop further.