ERP Customer Journey

Business challenge

A major accountancy software company wanted to identify companies’ journeys into obtaining their current business software solutions. This included triggers to identifying the need for a solution, influencers in the decision making, and critical features that are important to their business.

What we did

We carried out 36 online depth interviews in the UK with customers of our client’s competitors. Respondents were given a pre-task to probe on a number of attributes associated with their journey of acquiring their current solution, enabling them to articulate their thoughts and feelings in the interview. We discussed their previous journey of acquiring their current software, the features most important to their company when previously acquiring the software, as well as the 5 most important features currently. We identified their impressions of the current software and any gaps in satisfaction to understand an ideal solution our client could launch.


The research identified what customers want to hear about and where they look to source this information, as well as the priority of features they need in order to motivate them to new software. It also allowed our client to focus on the most appealing features to develop further and marketing comms on best platforms to promote their products.