Events Pricing

Business challenge

A scientific society who organises events wanted to understand the willingness to pay for their events, particularly virtual events which became more prominent as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The client also wanted to understand how they could make their events offering more attractive, both during and after the pandemic.

What we did

We used the clients database of event attendees to invite respondents to complete an online quantitative survey. The survey included 2 Gabor Granger exercises, one for physical events and another for virtual events, to test respondents’ willingness to pay. There were also a serious of KPI’s which measured the performance of our clients events, as well as competitor events. Respondents who completed the survey were then invited to participate in online focus groups, where they were able to discuss in more depth their motivation and barriers for event attendance. The group setting also allowed respondents to be creative when thinking of ideas for how our client could innovate their events.


The research allowed us to recommend to our client a set of optimum price points for their various events. We were also able to identify the key motivations to attend their events, which were areas they could focus on in their comms, as well as what the barriers for attendance are so they could be focused on. Additionally, we were also able to provide the client with ideas for how their events offering could be improved to be made more attractive, and ultimately maximise their revenue.