Exploring Tech Product Features

Business challenge

Our client, a global e-cigarette manufacturer, wanted to conduct research into a new pod e-cigarette range they planned to launch. As part of this programme of research, they also wanted to understand consumers’ opinions around potential new generation features of the products.

What we did

We conducted 16 focus groups and 4,000 quantitative interviews across 4 markets (UK, US, Germany and France), showing consumers the prototypes introducing potential features such as colour, size and shape, texture, and technology.

We were able to gauge consumers thoughts and feelings around each of the product features, observe how they interact with the prototypes in the qualitative phase and also quantitatively measure appeal and interest in the newly proposed features.

16 focus groups
4,000 Quantitative Interviews
4 markets


We identified which of the features resonated with consumers, and which were regarded as ‘nice to haves’. This provided the client with direction for where to place their focus and investment to develop ‘working’ e-cigarette concepts for further consumer tests.