Getting Conference Exhibitor Pricing Right

Business challenge

Our US-based client organises the largest Payments and Financial Services conference in the world.

They were preparing to launch the conference in Asia and needed to know what prices to charge to exhibitors for stands and meeting rooms, based on floor space and location.

What we did

We designed a quantitative survey which we conducted with 51 very senior executives (CFOs, MDs) from two distinct groups:

  • Attendees at similar conferences
  • Representatives of companies who would be likely to have a strong interest in attending.
Simulated processThe exercise shown to respondents simulated the decision-making process and mirrored the complexity of the options open to exhibitors.
InsightsData such as company size helped to identify exhibitors' needs and requirements.
AnalysisWe identified the price regime (e.g. limiting the number of packages to Standard and Premium) that would maximise revenue while sustaining adequate levels of attendance.


The results of the research gave our client confidence to set higher prices than originally intended. This enabled them to increase anticipated revenue while maintaining high levels of exhibitor participation.

As it turned out, actual exhibitor participation was very high, suggesting that even more ambitious pricing is feasible next time!