In the moment app testing

Business challenge

Our client, a global FMCG manufacturer, had developed a Bluetooth-enabled device to work with a corresponding mobile app and wanted to understand the consumer feedback, which would be implemented before the app was launched.

What we did

We conducted an In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) of the app with the device over the course of 8 weeks and consumers provided their feedback through a mobile ethnography app, Indeemo. The app allowed us to fuse qualitative and quantitative methodologies, where respondents completed online surveys and tasks in Indeemo (such as screen-recording the set up of the app and the device). Conducting 3 quantitative surveys allowed us to measure the change of KPI’s as the experience of respondents changed over the 8 weeks. We were able to probe respondents and keep them engaged through push notifications that were sent to the individuals directly.

After the IHUT, we conducted in-depth telephone interviews with 20 of the respondents from the previous phase of the study to gain a deeper understanding into the positive and negative experiences from using the app and device over 8 weeks.


Understanding consumers’ behaviours and attitudes of the Bluetooth device and app allowed us to gain knowledge of how consumers use the app in a natural setting, which was heightened through providing the client with video outputs from Indeemo. The research provided insights of the appeal of the app among different target audiences, as well as identifying gaps in functions of the app, technical flaws, and further opportunities which allowed our client to optimise the app before launch.