Increasing a Charity’s Supporter Base

Business challenge

Our client, a wildlife charity, wanted to become more resilient and to increase its supporter base through enhancing, extending and diversifying its product proposition.

What we did

We carried out an online completion survey with 1,748 UK respondents (a combination of both panel and client sample).

Our methodology used a number of analytical techniques including:

ConjointWe tested a number of new product portfolio scenarios using a Conjoint model. The insight gained enabled us to identify the optimal combination of different factors.
MaxDiffWe used a MaxDiff exercise to understand which items would be most important to include in supporters' Welcome Packs.
TURF analysisTotal Unduplicated Reach and Frequency analysis (TURF) helped us understand which combination of gifts, benefits, animal offerings and new products would have the broadest consumer appeal.


The insights from our research enabled us to identify which core pillar products the client should push ahead with to help maximise uptake and increase their support base.