Online shopping in Pakistan

Business challenge

A global drinks company wanted to conduct their first ever piece of research into the Pakistani populations’ online shopping behaviour around the soft drinks category.

They wanted to understand:

  1. Shopper journey (pre-purchase, purchase, use, adoption) and what brands influence them most.
  2. Online shopping behaviours including: what they buy online, online channels used & why, how often they buy online.
  3. Barriers and drivers to purchasing online.

Alongside other areas of interest such as online touchpoints, reviews & ratings, and importance of innovation.

What we did

We carried out online quantitative research amongst the connected Pakistani population in order to understand what influenced them and how they used online shopping for soft drinks. We looked at a number of different websites/ platforms for online shopping and how soft drink buyers used each one in order to understand where opportunities for our client could be found. This included comparisons to their biggest competitors in the Pakistani market in order to see where they are losing customers, as well as a segmentation of different shopper types and what their product, shopping, and communication needs were.


Our analysis allowed the client to see where the gaps in the market were for their brands, and as the first piece of research into this market for them it expanded their understanding and allowed them to start looking into opportunities and where to dive into next.