Perceptions of a bread brand

Business challenge

Our client knew that their brand had the perception of ‘cheap’ compared to it’s competitors, despite quality being on par. As a result they wanted to understand further the price and value perceptions of key brands and sub-brands. This included an understanding of price expectations of different sliced-bread products they offered.

Objectives included:

  • What are consumers willing to pay for the brand and types of bread?
  • What are their perceptions of the brand vs. competitors
  • Do consumers feel they are getting good value vs. competitors?
  • How is the rising cost of living affecting consumer’s shopping behaviours and perceptions of bread prices?

What we did

We conducted a quantitative survey amongst UK bread buyers in the last 12 months (they must also have been considering buying bread in the next 6 months).

We also ran a PSM and PVP to understand more what consumers would be willing to pay for different products, and what the relationship was between price and value amongst different brands.


The client was able to use these results to inform their cost of living planning.