Product Test

Business challenge

Our client, a global e-cigarette manufacturer developed a new, innovative e-cigarette device. They wanted to understand consumers feedback on the new device, performance of the different features and if any improvements were needed. If successful, they also wanted to test marketing messaging and a new name to launch the product with.

What we did

1. We conducted an In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) in both the UK and the US, where each respondent tested two different devices (a test and control) for five days each. After testing each device, they completed a post-usage questionnaire on a range of key performance metrics such as purchase intent, liking, enjoyment and quality. We also measured performance of the different features.

2. Next we carried out 21 depth interviews with adult vapers who had previously taken part in the IHUT study. Respondents were asked about their attitudes of the new product, likes and dislikes, and perceptions of how it should be effectively marketed. They were then shown a number of different marketing messages and were asked to provide feedback on them.

3. We then conducted three focus groups in the UK and France to test seven new device names and understand levels of appeal, likes, dislikes and preference. Before the focus groups respondents also completed WhatsApp tasks to see what product and model names they liked (outside of vaping) and to get them thinking about names within the vaping market.


Through conducting this research we were able to provide the client with recommendations on how they could refine the device further and what messaging and name combination would be most appealing when they launch the product.