Product Testing in the Soft Drinks Industry

Business challenge

A global soft drinks manufacturer was extending its product offering to include sparkling water. They had plans to launch one or more flavoured variants in the UK but needed to understand which would be the most popular and what the best range would be.

What we did

We took a two-stage approach to gather the insight needed.

First, we conducted an internal face-to-face workplace hall test with 320 employees across two of our clients’ sites. We then tested the seven best performing flavours in the general population, across a range of demographics and regions.

We used a TURF analysis to identify the optimum range of three to four flavours that would maximise the reach and consequent revenue. Our approach also identified potential barriers to purchase.


Our analysis clearly showed which flavours would be most popular. We also provided our client with several options for an optimum range. Our insight informed their business decisions and the development of their comms strategy for the product launch.