Segmentation and Product Optimisation

Business challenge

Our client, which provides telecommunications and related services, recognised that their CRM targeting strategy could be improved.

The business needed to be able to make more customer-focused decisions in both its product range and marketing strategy. And to do this they needed a better understanding of their customers.

What we did

We designed a multi-stage programme of research to gather the insight our client needed:

Stage 1

Objective: Provide a detailed picture of the UK market and understand the validity of the current segmentation.

Method: We designed an online quantitative study to collect demographic, attitudinal and behavioural information which informed our segmentation.

Stage 2

Objective: Apply the segmentation to the customer database to enable personalised communications to each and every customer.

Method: We developed an algorithm to integrate our research with existing internal data enabling the mapping of segments to the CRM database.

Stage 3

Objective: Identify the optimal product range to attract new and retain existing customers and advise on how to market product plans to each segment.

Method: We designed an online conjoint exercise covering each element of our client’s key product bundle which helped us to optimise the propositions for each segment.


Our client is now able to allocate their entire customer database to refined segments. As a result they can tailor propositions, price points and marketing messages. And because they have enhanced visibility of segment migration, they’re able to developed more focused retention strategies too.