Soft Drinks Usage and Attitudes in Africa

Business challenge

A global soft drinks manufacturer wanted to understand the reactions of consumers if they were to relocate the manufacturing of one of their product ranges. Additionally, they wanted to understand the wider usage and attitudes of soft drinks consumers in Africa to inform the development of their product range in the continent.

What we did

We designed an offline survey which was programmed onto tablets, allowing local interviewers to ask members of the public to complete the survey via street interceptions, as internet penetration and literacy rates are low in the chosen markets. Over 1000 respondents completed the survey in each market (Senegal, Guinea and Algeria), which was nationally representative based on age, gender and the urban/ rural splits in each market.


Our analysis allowed us to recommend whether they should proceed with relocating the manufacturing of their product and how it should be communicated to consumers. We were also able to identify gaps in the markets for new products using perceptual maps, which informed the development of the clients innovation pipeline in the continent. The TURF analysis we conducted fed into our recommendations for the pipeline as it allowed us to identify products to launch in order to maximise the clients reach. We were also able to calculate brand equity scores for our clients brand and competitor brands to measure performance in each of the markets.