Understanding Website Visitors’ Views

Business challenge

The Healthy Surrey website was undergoing a re-design in order to become the ‘go-to’ place for Surrey residents and health professionals.

As part of the preparation for this, Surrey Heartlands (a partnership of local health and care organisations) wanted to understand visitors’ views about the current website.

Specifically, our client wanted to focus on:

  • Awareness of the site
  • Usefulness of the current content
  • User experience
  • Comparisons with competitor sites.

What we did

Impact engaged with local healthcare professionals and residents including vulnerable residents.

We developed a two-stage programme to engage with customers:

Stage 1: Pre-taskRecruits completed an exercise which required them to explore the current website and evaluate it according to its use, accessibility and design.
Stage 2: Telephone interviewWe explored the reasons why visitors use the website, including awareness of the site, potential barriers to using it, and ways to improve it. This interview also covered the use and appeal of competitor websites.


The research highlighted several areas of improvement for the current website:

  • Increasing awareness of the site, especially among residents.
  • Clarifying which sections of the site are relevant to residents and which are relevant to healthcare professionals.
  • Including logos of reputable associated organisations clearly on the site to ensue a sense of credibility.
  • Reviewing the language and mediums used.
  • Dividing the content by locality.

These recommendations will be used by Surrey Heartlands to feed into the changes made during the site re-design.

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