Understanding Why Energy Customers Switched

Business challenge

A leading energy supplier wanted to understand their customer losses to competitors – and, in particular, the impact of competitor activities in this predominantly price-driven market – in order to minimise these losses.

What we did

We ran a monthly tracker of customers leaving our client which allowed us to capture up-to-the-minute reasons for leaving with robust sample sizes available down to a weekly level.

This included a detailed telephone survey with a representative sample of 400 leaving customers per month.

Our continuous data collection approach provided the flexibility to analyse the data both before and after unanticipated market events.
Data could also be rolled up to look at long term trends or small subgroups
By using advanced analysis, the customer switching journey was uncovered, including any research they did before switching and how they chose their new supplier.


By truly understanding customer motivations for leaving and their journey, our client was able to take preventative measures for future similar events, reducing losses long term.