Sustainability: The Top 5 BRANDS (According to Consumers)

In April 2020 we ran the second wave of our Great Green Sustainability Study, measuring consumer perceptions of over 100 brands’ and retailers’ sustainability credentials

For each brand and retailer, we calculated a corporate social responsibility (CSR) score based on multiple aspects of CSR – from packaging and ethical sourcing through to caring for staff and customers, and minimising companies’ operations’ impact on the environment – and the role these play in purchase decisions. Here are the top 5:

The earlier wave of our research had identified that brands face a number of challenges in communicating their sustainability messages. Here, our findings demonstrated that newer brands, which have sustainability at the core of their principles, can overcome these challenges. The pressure is now on the more well-established brands to push their sustainability agenda to help them make sure they don’t fall behind these more agile newcomers.

To learn more about our study or to find out if your brand was included and how it performed, and what impact COVID-19 has had on people’s sustainable priorities, please contact Tom Gould, Head of Consumer at

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